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WPLG Local 10 Honors Showering Love’s CEO

WPLG Local 10 honored our CEO, Jeanne Albaugh, with an award! The prestigious “My Future – My Choice” Life Award.  And, with March being Women’s History Month, we could not let this special month pass without highlighting our incredible and inspirational CEO who is dedicated to serving the homeless. We honor her and all the amazing accomplishments and achievements of all the many women trailblazers across the globe!

Without Jeanne’s incredible vision, determination, sacrifices, and commitment, Showering Love would not be helping so many unsheltered guests find their way back home. Even through her darkest times, Jeanne was selfless and wanted to help those around her. Showering Love was always her vision and through much hard work and determination, she made it a reality.

Difficult Times

Like many of us, her story is not one of happy beginnings. For most of her life growing up, she was faced with extremely difficult challenges and complex situations. Including major obstacles within her immediate family, untimely death, and many obstacles a child/adolescent should never have to face. Confronted with so much adversity, she tried to navigate life the best she could. Her smile,  always present, and her heart always giving & kind. You can read more about her incredible story and amazing journey on our main page and (Wizard of Oz) blog.

However, as the years passed, the traumas she experienced did not. They continued to affect her and the wounds of her pain persisted, and only worsened with time. Even though Jeanne was married and became a mom to 4 beautiful boys, had an amazing and successful life… The wounds of her past were still fresh. She continued to be wounded and broken, on the inside. Sadly, those severe traumas she endured led to choices that would bring her back to the dark days and lead to a path of self-destruction.

A Super “SHERO” and WPLG Local 10 Award Recipient

When we think of superheroes, they usually have a special and unnatural superpower. Most wear a cape or have magical armor that makes the impossible happen. Not Jeanne. She is a true, living super SHERO. She has many special powers and her magic is helping those experiencing homelessness, just as she once did. Their families, friends, and everyone involved.

For over a decade, Jeanne was homeless, suffering from mental illness, and facing many other challenges. Away from everything and everyone she loved, especially her four boys. They were very difficult and hopeless times, but she prevailed. Her strength is unimaginable and admirable, and she is a true force of nature. Jeanne is a miracle and continues to make miracles happen for our guests. A true inspiration, and the kindest, sweetest woman you will ever meet. Her beautiful smile and spirit are contagious.

On the topic of superheroes, Batman may have had the batmobile, and it was cool! But, Jeanne has Grace (mobile shower bus) & Hope (2nd mobile shower bus to debut by fall 2021) and it doesn’t get any better than this! These are the vehicles that help her and the team work their magic and continue to help those in our community that need it most.

Dedicated to Serving the Homeless Takes the WPLG Local 10 Grand Prize!

Jeanne has also been the recipient of many accolades and awards for her dedication and work with the community, such as this honor – The WPLG, Channel 10 “My future – My Choice” Award.

WPLG My Choice Awards

Joyful Noise

Just as all superheroes rescued their community from violence and villains, Jeanne and Showering Love are rescuing those experiencing homelessness. They are the allies the guests need. Providing showers, clean clothes, haircuts, food, supplies, and medical necessities is only a small fraction of what Showering Love does. Her mission and goals are that her guests are provided with every resource they need to become self-sufficient, find housing, jobs, reconnect with family & find their way back home.

Her passion and dedication are beyond words. She truly lives her life for Showering Love and continuing to help those un-sheltered guests she loves and genuinely cares about so much. Always brainstorming, thinking, and planning the next event to benefit her guests. Jeanne is always working on innovative ways to continue to expand and make a bigger difference.  Joyfully celebrating every holiday and putting special events together to celebrate her guests, celebrate life & great things ahead. No matter what, she is always festive, forever smiling, and very supportive. Such is simply an inspiring and remarkable woman in so many ways.

One of a Kind

She has fierce motivation and determination, and her drive is unstoppable. Her heart is gold, and she is the kindest, sweetest, and most empathetic and helpful person you will ever meet. Her laugh is contagious and she exudes fun!

Showering Love, our guests, team, board, supporters, volunteers, and all involved are so grateful and blessed to be a part of something so amazing and life-changing. Thank you, Jeanne! For blessing us all with Showering Love, and your GRACE and HOPE. You are the finest representation of a POWERFUL and STRONG WOMAN. And, your resilience, commitment, dedication, and drive continue to change the world, one person at a time. You are very loved and appreciated!

On a personal note – I am so thankful and honored that Jeanne entrusts me to write the blogs for Showering Love. Meeting her, and becoming part of the Showering Love Team has forever changed my life, It has truly made me complete. Jeanne helped me find my passion and continues to motivate and empower me to make a difference. My sincere love, gratitude, and admiration for her are forever and always <3

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