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Walk Across America

Jeanne Lewis-Albaugh, Founder & CEO of Showering Love and Paula Vickers, Program Coordinator, Second Chance Society had the recent honor of meeting Ms. Kim Denmark, a homeless advocate whose non-profit agency is fittingly called “Walk Across America” as that is precisely what Ms. Denmark has been doing for the past 16 years – walking across America to raise awareness for homeless individuals, specifically homeless Veterans.

Walk Across America

Mark Korman, Program Compliance Manager, Office of Housing & Community Development, City of Pompano Beach reached out to Paula and Jeanne after meeting Ms. Denmark at City Hall, Pompano Beach and requested their assistance in welcoming Ms. Denmark to the community and helping to connect her with local service providers who share her passion for the homeless. A meeting was arranged at City Hall in Pompano Beach on June 21, 2018 and at this meeting, Jeanne, Paula, Mark and Ms. Denmark shared hearts, exchanged stories, discussed homelessness, and basically got to know each other! It was a great meeting with a lot of laughter and also a lot of tears!

During this time, we learned that Ms. Denmark was physically exhausted from her travels and in need of a place where she could truly rest, recuperate, and refocus her thoughts. “Team Denmark” (Jeanne, Paula and Mark) put together a plan whereby Ms. Denmark was given a free 30-day stay in a suite at a local hotel — she checked into the hotel on 6/22/18! Jeanne and Paula gave her Publix and Winn Dixie gift cards, gas cards, and upon moving into the hotel, Jeanne put together the most beautiful gift basket full of everything from scented candles, power drinks, spa items, books to journal, books to read, everything to help her to feel at peace. Jeanne also took Ms. Denmark on a girl’s day out excursion, a pamper-me day where Ms. Denmark got a wonderful manicure and pedicure!

“Team Denmark’s” goal was to give Ms. Denmark a safe spot to lay her head and nurture her soul so in due time, she would be able to return to her “Walk Across America” mission with passion, strength, and a clearer vision of her ministry.

Update: The team connected Ms. Denmark to a local community partner and she has started volunteering at this agency – they have told us they simply love her! Our wish for Ms. Denmark? All the love and peace in the world as she continues her amazing journey!

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