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Veteran Stand Down against Homelessness

What is a Veteran Stand Down? Well, it’s based on a concept used in the Vietnam War to give battle-weary soldiers a safe place to rest and recuperate. The Stand Down gave them a place to shower, get clean clothes, a warm meal, medical and dental care, and send and receive mail.

Veteran Stand Down

Veterans Showered by Grace

Military veterans were showered with grace at the Veteran Stand Down, Lauderdale Lakes Moose Lodge, August 25, 2018. They received lunch, care packages, haircuts, free legal aid and showers – showers? Yes, Showering Love was on hand with Grace, the mobile shower bus for people experiencing homelessness! It was a wonderful opportunity to show veterans experiencing homelessness that they were cared for, honored, respected and loved.

Homeless Veterans

Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

Showering Love is grateful for the opportunity to honor our military veterans and thank them for their service. Our guests who boarded Grace expressed sincere gratitude to Showering Love for reminding them that they still matter. Our veterans fought for freedom, yet many are now fighting to survive on the street. Many suffer from what they experienced while serving our country, often locked in a prison in their minds from the pain and destruction they witnessed. We owe them our lives – and they deserve a lot more Love!

Veterans Love Showering Love

Veterans Receive Love

This Veteran Stand Down was hosted by Moose Lodge 2267, Lauderdale Lakes, Miami VA Healthcare, Miami Department of Veteran Affairs, and Broward County. Joining Showering Love at this event was We Finish Together, an organization that distributes donated medals. The CEO of We Finish Together, Blake Bergman Starr had this to say about her experience, “Both of our outreaches strive to make certain each person we meet knows they matter. A true humbling moment for us was when we arrived in time to put a medal around the neck of the last person to receive a shower. We had the opportunity to talk to him and connect deeply in a short time.” Blake says that her organization changes lives “one medal at a time”, we at Showering Love change lives “one shower at a time”!

Veteran Stand Down – We Finish Together

Love heals and love connects us all, one to another – and at this Veteran Stand Down, our homeless vets sure knew they were loved!


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