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Treat the Homeless Sweet

The Daisy Scouts think we should all treat the homeless sweet.  Homelessness is scary!  But it just got a lot less scary and a lot sweeter because of Daisy Girl Scout Troop 14217.  They partnered with Showering Love to bring candy and treats to the homeless.  Considerate and Caring is one of the 10 Daisy Girl Scout Petals that the girls will earn during their meetings together.  Their task is to “Make the World a Better Place” and they are doing just that!  Because its Halloween, the 7 girls, aged 6 and 7, filled 125 sweet treat bags!  Previously, they filled “Love Bags” with toiletries to provide for the guests on Showering Love’s bus.  They decided to treat the homeless sweet by giving candy to the people experiencing homelessness .

Daisy Scouts Treat the Homeless Sweet

Homeless Sweet Treats

Homelessness is Spooky

Jeanne Albaugh asked the girls to focus on caring for those less fortunate than they are.  This goes right along with another of their “petals” – To help people at all times.  Showering Love fulfills its promise to help people at all times by providing mobile showers to people experiencing life on the street.  This helps restore dignity and hope.  Showering Love partners with organizations like the Daisy Scouts to further both goals.

homeless sweet

Consideration and Caring

The parents of the girls, along with Jeanne and members of the community, collected candy for the first annual Treat the Homeless Sweet night.  On October 30th, Jeanne and her team will give out the bags.  Because Halloween can be scary and homelessness can be also, there will be lots of kindness and caring served up along with those bags!  Everyone deserves to be treated sweet, even though nobody needs candy!  This activity plants seeds in the hearts and minds of these young Daisy Girl Scouts.  These will help them grow into better people and make the world a better place for everyone!





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