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Teen Challenge – Saving Lives Through Faith

It was a VERY special day for us here at Showering Love to have Brother Rick and some of the ladies from Davie Teen Challenge stop by to take a tour of Grace.. Especially for our CEO, Jeanne! We had a visit from “Brother Rick” and an amazing group of young ladies from TEEN CHALLENGE in Davie, Florida. They stopped by to take a tour of GRACE, our mobile shower bus.  But, their visit was much more than that. It was one filled with gratitude, emotion, and great pride..

Teen Challenge Davie
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About Teen Challenge

Adult & Teen Challenge USA has been around for over 60 years! And, have over 200 residential programs throughout the United States.They are a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program. Their mission is to provide help to men and women overcome addiction through faith. Also, offering services to those struggling with other life controlling issues.
Their program provides extensive resources for their “students” as follows:

  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Work ethic & life skills training
  • Individual study & mentoring
  • Supervision
  • Engagement in Christian community
  • And, so much more! ATTACH LINK

The program usually lasts between 12 – 18 months. They focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit. They also incorporate daily Christian teachings into everything they do. Their belief is that a “restored relationship with God” can lead those suffering from addiction to be free again and get a second chance at life through sobriety & faith.

Teen Challenge Davie

An awe-inspiring “student” of Teen Challenge

What makes this visit from TEEN CHALLENGE so special and such a personal and touching experience for Jeanne, you ask?

It was through TEEN CHALLENGE that Jeanne found sobriety and healing 9  years ago. They helped her overcome addiction and homelessness, through the power of faith. Her connection with God at TEEN CHALLENGE would be the beginning of a bright and amazing future for Jeanne! And, imagine…here “Brother Rick” and these incredible ladies from TC are touring GRACE & visiting with the CEO of this wonderful nonprofit organization that she created. A former “student” of theirs. It’s simply beautiful when life comes full circle.

After successfully completing the program, Jeanne worked at TEEN CHALLENGE as a house mom and later became the director of fundraising in New York. Eventually, she was hired and worked for TEEN CHALLENGE in Davie. This is where she had the incredible idea and vision of providing mobile showers for those experiencing homelessness.  Fast Forward a few years and voila! Showering Love and Grace were born and built with Jeanne’s hard work, strength, and determination. And, of course the help of so many wonderful friends, family, volunteers & donations! It takes a village.

Jeanne continues to dedicate her life to serving her community and giving back to those who need it most. She personally understands the desperation, hopelessness, and fear that paralyses those struggling with addiction. Her heart is filled with so much love & empathy for all who are in need and she works tirelessly to help each and every person she meets. And, always with that beautiful & contagious smile 🙂

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Forever Thankful

TEEN CHALLENGE will always hold a very special place in Jeanne’s heart. It gave her everything she needed to begin a new chapter in what would become her beautiful book of life, which she continues to inspire us with.

Jeanne is truly appreciative for all they for her and for being instrumental in helping her build a new path to an incredible new life! Jeanne refers to the program as “an experience of a lifetime where many seeds were planted of God’s love.”She is confident that it was God that met her under that bridge she was living under and has guided her to where she is today. She continues to lean on her faith for support and direction. And, is forever grateful to TEEN CHALLENGE for her showing her the way back “home.” <3

A special and warm “thank you” to brother Rick and sister Donna! Jeanne is extremely appreciative and grateful to you both.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, PLEASE CLICK HERE and begin living the best day of the rest of your life.

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