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Gena’s Success Story

Gena – A Success Story

We met Gena a year or two before we even had a bus!  She has been a volunteer with Showering Love for a very long time – she has such a kind heart!  You could just see that Gena was going to have a success story – she was always trying to be a better version of herself.  Gena lived in the downtown encampment and was so helpful in being the conduit between Showering Love and the people there.  We were able to establish a healthy rapport based on mutual trust because of Gena!

Gena's Success Story

Mother’s Day Tea Party

At all of our events, there was Gena – helping in any way she could!  She even helped out at headquarters, organizing the essentials.  She participated in last year’s Mother’s Day event and wrote some kind words for our website about that experience.

“Thank you for the tea party that Showering Love done for us ladies.  You ladies taught me self worth and to love myself.  I had given up on everything, and thanks to you ladies, I’ve started back finding myself a job and finding my self worth!!!  Thank you so much ladies, I very much enjoyed myself”. ~Love, Gena

Besides all she does for Showering Love, Gena also has worked off and on at fast food restaurants. But it’s hard to keep a job when you can’t shower on a daily basis!  She never gave up, though, she would work every chance she got and save her money.  Eventually, Gena and her boyfriend – who was also working as much as he could – were able to buy a car!  Then they were able to live in it – at that time, that was the success story.  It was a step up.

Gena helps out everywhereShe Helped Make Every Event A Success!

Gena was the “point person” at our events – she would organize everyone, keeping their energy up and bringing them to the bus in an orderly fashion.  She was there for Easter, she was there for Halloween, she was even there for Grace’s first birthday party!  And then, finally, Gena got a voucher for housing!!!  She isn’t homeless anymore!

Home At Last

She shared her joy at having her own home.  She said, “I got dishes yesterday and I literally cried when I washed them and put them up!”

Gena's dishes

She also shared with us the joy of cooking for herself, after many years of depending on others.  This is something that most of us take for granted.  She even sent us a picture of her first meal!

Gena's first home cooked meal

In her words she had lost all hope.  She didn’t know where to go or what to do next.  Today, she says,”Little by little, I regained hope, respect for myself, and self-worth.  I now am working, becoming self-sufficient, and I owe all my thanks to God and Showering Love!!! I am forever grateful!”

Gena’s success story is an inspiration to us all!

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Jennifer is our Blog and Facebook post writer. Since she wrote many term papers and research papers for college classes, when she saw a need at Showering Love, she was eager to fill it. Even though her profession is massage therapy, her avocation and passion is writing for Showering Love!

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