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Not everything on Halloween is Spooky and Scary

Homelessness is spooky! Some say, “Halloween”, others say “HOLLOWeen” and for some it’s “HELLoween”. Homelessness can be scary.

The scary sound of sleeping on the streets can be frightening. Scary Jack-o’-lanterns flickering in the moonlight. Shaky skeletons and creepy cauldrons boiled. Ghosts quivered and people experiencing homelessness shiver. Sleeping under the bridges is like living in tunnels of terror.

Spooky Halloween - Treat the Homeless Sweet

Not everything on Halloween is Spooky and Scary

Showering Love and their team of goblins went out to and shared kindness. We gave out bloody candy teeth that even a vampire would have been scared of. For many homeless people, sleeping under the bridges is like living in tunnels of terror.

The Showering Love Team dressed up and set out to turn their frowns upside down. We added a very special potion, it’s called, kindness. They were drooling from appreciation. HeHeHe (witches voice)

Spooky Halloween

Showering Love celebrated by giving out googly eyes, boo-berry candy and bloody eyeball candy. We served up a brew of pumpkin spice coffee and served some “fang”tastic bloody juice. We handed out 125 bags of Halloween candy. The theme of the night was “Treat the Homeless Sweet.” We served sweets and the guests were as sweet as sugar.

It was a spooktacular evening. Even Count Dracula would have loved the bloody and batty friendships that were made.It was a monster mash!

We handed out a slimy Witch’s Brew stirred in a hint of love and a dash of kindness. We sprinkled gentleness and we made potions of love for our guests. The night was boo-t-full!

Spooky Halloween Treats

Showering Love served up love, hope and fellowship. In the word silent is the word listen. Listen and learn to discern that we all are afraid of something. We learn to trade our fear for faith and our fangs for smiles! There were no fangs only smiles. It was a terror-ific Halloween!

Your donation will provide a shower to those struggling and help restore dignity. Dignity is in short supply when you’re living on the streets.

Showering Love Halloween
Spooky Halloween Gathering
Spooky Halloween Gathering
Halloween Party
Halloween Party
Make The Homeless Smile
Trick Or Treat
Showering Love
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