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Egg-stra Special Easter Reminders

In the spirit of all things bunnies and baskets, we at Showering Love, make a conscious choice to give back in some way for all of our blessings. Egg-specially during a holiday such as Easter. With furry bunnies and children hunting for eggs all around this weekend, We are reminded of how lucky we are to be with family. While we can, (and do), look at our families everyday through such grateful eyes, We also see through a different lens than most. We sit in such appreciation for this life that we live. A life that we have been afforded a second chance. A second chance with a self-induced responsibility to make the same life a reality for someone else. A “hand up” from someone who saw more in us than we did of ourselves, though at the time is what made the difference in my life. It is our mission to give back by spending time trying to be that for someone else. Showering Love is a beacon of Hope to persons who are lost with no hope.

Easter Special Reminder

While eggs are boiled for hiding, We will be putting all our eggs in one basket while we spend Easter Sunday at the Broward Public Library with some folks who are experiencing homelessness. Who are never far from our thoughts. We will hop downtown, and hand out a few peeps, to those that spend Happy Easter together, but spend it on the streets. Along with the peeps, Showering Love will be handing out socks that were donated, every Bunny received a pair, We are EGG-tremely grateful to Bombas Socks. This is an EGG-mazing company known for their philanthropic focus on poverty world-wide. We, as an organization, are EGG-cited as we are dependent on donations, feel EGG-credibly fortunate to be the recipient of such a generous donation from such a well-known company. Along with such a meaningful donation comes the honor Showering Love has been given in gifting them to people who will indeed be grateful to have received them this Easter. The gifting of socks and spending Easter with those less fortunate is a reminder of how Showering Love is making a difference in the commUNITY.

Easter Sunday Hope

When someone experiences housing insecurity, it can present itself in more ways than someone sleeping on a city street. Some spend their time hopping from house to house or hop from couch to couch or hop from train to train, in an effort to keep a roof over their head, if only for one night. The daily struggle is EGG-tra tough on the SOULS of their feet,, in fact,. Showering Love take every opportunity to meet people where they are in life. The President and the Vice President, both EGG-perienced at homelessness,  we understand and remember the feeling of sore feet and the constant hunt for a meal or safe place to sleep. When your living on the streets you’re always on the hunt. You hunt for food, hunt for safely, you hunt to survive, Your in survival mode. Hunting is what we did more than anything. If you have ever spent any time on the street, you know how homelessness and hunting are synonymous with maneuvering through the days. Jeanne Albaugh, President of Showering Love, is reminded at Easter the kind of hunting she did for the better part of ten years. Jeanne said, “When I think about Easter and children hunting for eggs, it reminds me of my own history of hunting and scavenging for the things I needed to survive.” “To some people this may sound odd, but I find comfort in the reminder”, Jeanne added. With such an obvious connection to the homeless, Showering Love is far more equipped to appreciate the lives we have today. Holidays such as Easter will always provide as a reminder for us to be grateful for the moments of realization of how fortunate we are., We remember those days and the feelings of hopelessness.


The memories just take on a different meaning for us now. When we think of dying eggs we think of how not too long ago there was less of a need to dye an egg and more of a need to eat one so as not to die. Of course, this is an analogy that is significant to us and wouldn’t be the first thought of most during an Easter celebration. For us, it was a reality. Today it is never so far removed as to not be recalled with ease. We are fortunate enough to be reminded of a part of us to why we do what we do.. We have learned to adjust and treat these thoughts as a message to us, that we are not that far removed from that world. Memories these days have become catalysts for change that We have found a way to welcome and use in some way. Along with the reminder of history’s dialogue our heads, comes a motivation that is sometimes unexplained but always appreciated. For this and many more gifts that we have received this Easter, I am grateful.

Armed with memories and Showering Love’s objective, We decided to rewrite the narrative playing out in our minds. We found a way to change our perspective and make the initial thoughts ring positive to someone else that may need the inspiration. (Or a peep or two). After all, who doesn’t love peeps? If nothing else is available to motivate us, there is always a marshmallow candy to be found!

In true celebration of all that we have this Easter, Showering Love decided to hop over to the Broward Public Library with peeps in hand to bring Easter to our extended family that lives there. Although not genetically related, we are related in experience and that, for us, is something we need no reminder of. With a determination to make and egg-ample of what’s possible, we are on our way to color some-bunny’s heart instead of eggs this weekend. With our baskets of socks and volunteers by our sides, We will share out memories and history with those who share so much of their heart. All the while, creating new Easter memories to share with all of you!

Showering Love wishes a basket full of love and an Egg-stra special, Hip-Hoppity, bunny-filled Easter to everyone!


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