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Showering Love’s Special Events Are Making A Difference

Showering Love is creating possibilities with special events for people experiencing homelessness.  Grace, our mobile shower, is transforming lives one shower at a time.  In addition to showers, Showering Love is providing wrap-around. These services that help our guests connect to critical resources to address their housing insecurity.  Through our outreach we connect with individuals to identify their immediate needs. We then follow-up to ensure that their needs are being handled and assist with possible obstacles.

Showering Love Special Events

Showering Love Events

Showering Love has held many special events this year. We are witnessing guests transition from life on the streets to achieving permanent housing.  In February we held a special event for Valentine’s Day.  We chose 10 individuals from the homeless encampment and gave them a day of pampering, love and hope.

In May, we held our special event Mother’s Day Tea Party for women experiencing homelessness where we paired the guests with mentors to guide them to self-love and to understand that they matter.  One of guests at both special events has now seen her life change dramatically.

Mothers Day Mother's Day
Fathers Day Father's Day
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Creating Possibilities

Meet Falancia J.  We met Falancia at the Broward County Main Library homeless encampment. So, we encouraged her to participate in the Valentine’s Day event.  Falancia was skeptical at first because trust is one thing that is difficult to have when you are fighting for survival on the streets.

However, Falancia chose to trust us enough to engage in the event. At the end of the day she expressed enormous gratitude for providing a truly special day for her.

On Mother’s Day , we again invited Falancia to participate.  We knew that Falancia did matter, but she still wasn’t convinced of it herself.  The Mother’s Day special event paired Falancia up with a mentor. Throughout the day they worked together to instill in Falancia that she mattered. Afterwards, the transformation came to fruition.

As Falancia was leaving the Mother’s Day Tea Party, she met a pastor from a local church.  Falancia was full of confidence and was glowing from the love that she now had for herself.  She expressed to the pastor that she was homeless and needed help.  We encouraged the women at the Tea Party that it is okay to ask for help, to reach out, and to be vulnerable.  Falancia had taken these valuable gifts and immediately put them into action.  By asking the pastor for help, by reaching out, and by being vulnerable, Falancia is now permanently housed.

Showering Love’s special events are critical to our mission of restoring hope and dignity to the most vulnerable in our community.  By connecting to people, building trust and creating a space for people to know that they matter, we are making a difference in our community.

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