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A Showering Love Success Story

February 12, 2018 I was approached by a friend of mine at the county library in Fort Lauderdale where we had been sleeping outside for about a month, saying she had a surprise for me and introduced me to this lady, who ended up being an angel to me and Ryel. Ms. Jeanne, from Showering Love, a beautiful soul and lady inside and out. She gave me the biggest hug even though I was dirty and homeless. She told me that she was giving 10 of us makeovers for Valentines Day because we mattered. Honestly at first I thought it was just another person coming to boost our heads up, and wouldn’t show as they said. As she said the next morning at 8:30 am she showed up Her and Joe, there waiting to pick all 10 of us up.

Showering Love

That day was an all in one blessing, I had gotten to have my first shower… Most people think a shower is just a shower, but when you have been bird bathing at the central terminal bus stop downtown every other morning, an actual shower is GOLD. The moment the water hit my back I felt beyond relieved and I literally cried while taking that shower, can you imagine going a entire month without and actual shower? When I got out of the shower, and stepped off the bus that Jeanne and Joe had named “Grace” I looked and felt like a brand new person, crevices of my skin that wouldn’t get clean in a bird bath actually got clean, my hair felt a million times lighter, it was a blessing.

After all of us had showered we were taken to get a pedicure, that in itself was amazing. Being homeless we travel everywhere by feet or by bus. The total relaxation and having our feet soaked was beyond amazing, all the staff of the nail salon were so welcoming and nice, all the ladies got their toes painted their favorite colors, while the men enjoyed having their feet massaged. That was only the second step to the entire day, and just by then we felt like we were all in heaven!

We were treated to lunch at a park by a lake, eating grilled chicken, salad, and snap beans, all HOT, and not stale! Most food we would get would be donated and wouldn’t be hot being that it was pre-cooked, we had a nice relaxing lunch by the lake with Jeanne & Joe and the camera crew, it was a treat for us… After lunch the biggest step to our makeover was to come, hair and makeup. I think us ladies were more excited than the men were.

The ladies at the Salon were stunning and were even more talented with their work. I let my stylist do as she thought would look best on me, I already had short hair, so she stacked it in the back, and colored it, after the color was rinsed out (2nd hair wash of the day…YAY) she styled my hair, and even did my make up for me and I was absolutely stunning when they revealed myself and pulled the sheer fabric off the mirror I was in AWH! Ryel had his face cleaned up and his hair cut and he looked like the man I had fallen in love with 5 years ago.

After leaving the salon we were treated to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a snack! Thank You Joe for the treat! Then we were taken to Walmart where we were able to buy a new outfit for the dinner they had planned that evening, it felt so normal to be able to try on clothes and shoes and not be profiled for walking around a store and being automatically assumed we were there to steal.. I ended up getting a nice white and black dress with a pair of wedges. The entire outfit suited me well, and is also job interview appropriate.

Billy’s Tavern treated us to a 3 course candle lit dinner, it was beyond beautiful, and the food was amazing, the entire day was a complete blessing and is truly a day I will never forget. My fiance and I have grown to make a friendship with Jeanne & Joe , and they are people we will forever be grateful for, they instilled in us that We Mattered, and that people did love us, even if we were homeless. They gave us hope in the dark that we would make it through, and we did.

Today Ryel is working full-time, and he is providing a roof over our head. Living a normal life, you take the little things for granted, hot showers, hot food, clean laundry. The fact we have been given a chance to have all this again, is amazing. Thank You Showering Love for giving us that extra push, and for reminding us that We Mattered!

We LOVE YOU & Thank You

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