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Showering Love Committed to Help the Homeless

Showering Love is committed to working with the Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care and other agencies to bridge the gap from homelessness to self-sufficiency. We know the importance of how a hot shower can help restore a person’s dignity and give them that “spark” of hope …ultimately giving them the courage to take the action needed to become stably housed once again.

Hope for the Homeless

In January of each year, Broward County conducts a thorough count of individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness. Since 2014, Showering Love’s Vice President, Joe Trembly, has been involved in the Point-In-Time (PIT) Count and for the past 2 years, Showering Love has formed a team to participate in this important count. Jeanne Lewis Albaugh, the President and Founder of Showering Love, found the experience of counting to be humbling and emotional. Both Jeanne and Joe have experienced homelessness themselves and realize that by participating in the PIT, they are helping to increase awareness of the number of people experiencing homelessness and to ultimately increase funding for bringing a solution. In January 2017, the PIT revealed that 2450 people were experiencing homelessness in Broward County, FL. Of the 2450 people designated as homeless, 23.7% are considered chronically homeless, 6.5% were families, and 8% were Veterans.

“I am passionate about this because I’ve been there,” said Jeanne Lewis, 55, who six years ago said she was panhandling for money and food and sleeping under a bridge at the intersection of Davie Road and Interstate 595 while battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. “I know how it feels to be out there, and I know recovery. So I know it’s possible.”

Homeless Count

During Showering Love’s outreach in the community, we are connecting with many of the individuals who were counted in January. Despite the many reasons for homelessness, poverty, divorce, disability, affordable housing, abuse, addiction and mental illness, the harsh reality is the same persons continue to live out of doors experiencing harsh conditions. By providing a hot shower and a plethora of resources, Showering Love is changing lives and restoring dignity to the most vulnerable in our community.

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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.