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Serve Love Day – Serve Hope – Serve Others Experiencing Homelessness

Showering Love and Vertical Church came together for a service and to share love. It was called “Serve Love Day” and that is exactly what happened.

Serve Love Day

The day was to serve those who are experiencing homelessness. We walked over and invited people living in the encampment in front of the Broward County Library to the event. Our goal was to serve love and give them a day where they could eat, have fun and take refreshing showers.

We provided 40 showers, 68 haircuts, 150+ hot meals, and 115 servings of ice cream. If you could have seen their faces when they heard they were getting ice cream! Each guest also received a new t-shirt, new undergarments, a hygiene bag and a pair of Bombas socks.

We wish you could have seen their before and after expressions on their faces, it went from embarrassment to smiling from ear to ear. The transformations that took place were absolutely amazing. The smiles on volunteers’ faces were reflective of joy in knowing they had a made a difference. To change the world it starts with us.

Kathy Guerrero, the team leader from Vertical Church, did a great job of organizing the volunteers and we thank her. It was awesome to see the community, Vertical Church, First United Methodist Church and Showering Love come together to serve love.

Serve Love

There was live music and we shook it up with lots of dancing. The Mobile Culinary Kitchen food truck served up Italian lunches. Charlie Abbott, from the Tiki Shaved Ice & Ice Cream Truck, served ice cream. It was all a huge hit!

The day was filled with laughter, games and new friendships.  To see everyone having fun and enjoying themselves filled our hearts and souls. Showering Love is restoring hope and dignity, beginning with showers which opens doors to jobs, housing, financial security and self sufficiency.

Serve Hope

Showering Love wishes to thank Javier Torres from Exclusive Barbers, Nick at Classic Barber Shops and Edward ”E” Hernandez from E-Clipz Barber Shop. Also thank you to Pablo Guerrero, Dennis Camacho and Gloria Regueira. Your service to those less fortunate, was truly a cut above the rest and you shaved off years by restoring hope.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out on this scorching hot day and made the day possible. Emilio took off his shoes and donated them to a guest in the name of love. This day was all about serving love to those that need it the most. The First United Methodist Church was so gracious in allowing us to use their parking lot.

A special thanks to Tom and Deborah Andor for always being there to serve others. The day was filled with “clips” of rejuvenating hope, love and dignity. A big thank you to Shawn Blotcher, Donna Parker Korianski and Magda Whitten from Cooper City Wal-Mart for their donation of bars of soaps and 50 new towels. A special thanks to Magda for coming out with her family and participating in “Serve Love Day.”

Serve Others

“Love your neighbor, as you love yourself.” Thank you Pastor Jill Lindsey Auman for being a great example of this concept.

Throughout out the day, there was a lot of love given and received. At the end of every event, we make a circle, hold hands and share our experience of the day.  The words shared were humble, grateful and our emotions were overflowing with love.

Love heals and love connect us!

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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.
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