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Serve the Community – Make the Homeless Smile

Opportunity to Serve the Community

Going back to Miami…going back to see my girl (Grace). You know the song!
Miami is no stranger to this crew. It’s our hometown; these are the streets we grew up on. When Jeanne asked us girls if we wanted to help with the Make the Homeless Smile event, we were all in! We have all been friends since childhood, going to school and graduating together. So, why not help those in need back home? We usually provide showers in Broward, but this was an opportunity to serve the community that we grew up in. Karen, Shirley, Anne and I met Jeanne and Scott, our bus driver to hit the road to Miami. We were ready for a block party!

Serve the Community

Delicately Serving the Community

We needed to get Grace set up and level on the street. We were on a mission! A man approached me and said, “When I saw you turn the corner, I saw God on wheels right there!” That was it! I knew how much we were needed right then! Jeanne told us that the crew from Make the Homeless Smile would be awhile and we were going to start the showers.

We were just hoping and praying that we were accepted and welcomed by the homeless. As we were parking and setting up, we had to move some belongings. That is a delicate situation when all you have in the world is being tossed aside as being in the way! Someone’s sleeping set-up, a box, ended up being right in front of the entrance. We had to ask him to move it. It was his bed, but it was on the sidewalk!

It Takes Teamwork to Serve the Community

Other organizations and groups showed up. #Teachhope distributes food every Sunday, they gave out hundreds of bagged lunches. Make the Homeless Smile came with hot food, clothing and a hair stylist who comes with them every Sunday, serving the community.

Serving the Community is Fun!

We met so many lovely people willing to go out and spend their Sundays with people experiencing homelessness. It was a block party all right! The atmosphere was filled with laughter and contentment. The hope that Showering Love brought with these other organizations made it a Sunday Funday! A day to enjoy, relax, and socialize – all while serving the community!

Showering Love

Judi Word

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Community is the key to changing lives
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