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Saniflo Helps Shower Love on the Homeless

Saniflo Helps Out

“Imagine you’ve just mowed the lawn in the hot sun, or finished a heavy workout.  Now imagine that after all that you’re unable to take a shower – for weeks or months!”  That’s the reality many homeless people face.  With these words, Jeanne Lewis-Albaugh, communicated with the good people at Saniflo.  She went on their website and left a comment, explaining what Showering Love is all about. The very next day, she heard back from them!  It was the answer to a prayer!

Pumping It Out

You see, when Showering Love bought the bus, they had to completely convert it into a mobile shower station.  Our master plumber, Rowdy Gifford, saw that it would be very difficult to move the water from the bathroom to the storage tank.  But, he researched the issue and found Saniflo – they had the solution!  They had designed an above-floor plumbing system that would macerate (grind) the waste and pump it to the tank.

So, when Saniflo heard about Showering Love, they immediately came on board and donated 2 of their special toilets!  This is a company that is located in New Jersey, so it’s not like we’re in their backyard or serving their community!  They simply have generosity in their company soul!

Saniflo Special Toilets

Now, a little over a year later, one of the macerators stopped working – so we called on them again.  And,  again, Saniflo came to our rescue.  They immediately sent a new one, saying “We don’t ever want the bus out of service.  We want you to have an extra macerator.”   Soon afterwards, a new one arrived.  Because of the generosity and kindness of companies like Saniflo, we are able to continue our work.


Moving Forward

With a viable plumbing system installed, the Showering Love bus can be driven to various locations, providing a means for instilling hope and dignity.  “These showers need to be worldwide,” says Jeanne, “Homelessness is across the board, not just here in Florida.”  And Rowdy agrees, “Some people just need a hand up to get back on their feet.  Thankfully, products like Saniflo pumps are helping them do just that!”

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