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Remembering Rowdy Gifford – A True Friend

Remembering how Rowdy got involved! One day I went over to thank him and his wife Katrina because years prior they had tried to help me in a very difficult time in my life. As we spoke and I thanked them, I mentioned what I was up to and what I wanted to do with a mobile shower bus. After I left, Katrina asked him if he would help me with the bus. Rowdy replied, “I’ll go look at it.“

Rowdy went with me to look at the bus we now call Grace. He took some measurements and he looked over at me and he said, “Kid, we can do this thing.“ The rest is history. He worked every weekend creating the first fully self-contained mobile shower bus. Without Rowdy, Showering Love literally would not exist.

Remembering Rowdy

Showering Love Remembering Rowdy’s Support

Rowdy became a very dear friend to me and my husband. There were days that I called him saying, “I don’t think I’m smart enough to do this,” or “I don’t think I have what it takes to bring her all the way.“ He would say, “Kid, we can do this thing. If God brought you to it, He’s going to get you through it.”  When times were difficult – when I wasn’t sure Showering Love was going to be able to sustain itself –  he was a shoulder I could lean on. There were many times I struggled with finances. and Rowdy was there to lend an ear and always an encouraging word.

Rowdy was at every Showering Love fundraiser and was there rooting me on!

The Saturday before he passed, I called him to discuss building a second bus. He said to me “Kid, if you can’t come up with the money, I’ll give it to you.” Rowdy believed in Showering Love‘s mission and he believed in me.


Happy Birthday, Rowdy

For Rowdy‘s birthday I always gave him a gift that had something to do with plumbing. One year it was a golden plunger, the next year it was a porta-potty. I always told him that he was the shit. I just thought he was an amazing man. Rowdy shared his story with me.  And then he and I both got to share our stories publicly on This is My Brave. He shared out loud about his struggles with PTSD.

I got to know the “Man With 17 Names”. He was someone you always wanted on your team.


Rowdy you are so missed. And so, in your honor, we will build the second bus.  And I am sure that you will lead us and guide us because I know how much Showering Love meant to you.

I promise to continue restoring hope and dignity to those who are unsheltered to honor you.

Rowdy you will always be a part of Showering Love. I feel so fortunate to have been able to call you my friend.

Rowdy Remembered

Only your support allows us to provide hope and dignity
to people experiencing homelessness



Jennifer is our Blog and Facebook post writer. Since she wrote many term papers and research papers for college classes, when she saw a need at Showering Love, she was eager to fill it. Even though her profession is massage therapy, her avocation and passion is writing for Showering Love!

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