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Providing Mobile Showers for those experiencing homelessness

It was a night of SHELL-e-brating Grace. Grace, our mobile shower bus, was parked outside of our venue and SEA was certainly the life of the party. Grace was decorated with balloons and she even wore a party hat and a pink feathery boa. She was dressed to party the night way. We SHELL-e-brated Grace providing mobile showers to hundred and hundreds of guests experiencing homelessness during her first year on the road. SEA’s done it all with such grace.

Providing Mobile Showers

Inside, the centerpieces placed at each of the guest’s tables were created with SEASHELLS and candles to symbolize peace and light. Grace herself is a light to those experiencing homelessness. SEA is a beacon of hope.  Many of Grace’s friends showed up. SEA, Grace deserves to be SHELL-e-brated because SEA is the most beautiful bus, providing mobile showers, out there. SEA transforms lives and SEA restores dignity.

Grace providing mobile showers

Grace asked that we serve pasta SHELLS with meat and cheese sauce at her party. She also asked that we serve SHELL salad with SEA sponge bread, also known as French bread. Guests drank SEA wave water along with murky water (coffee).

Restoring Hope Providing Mobile Showers

We quickly learned that Grace has a sweet tooth and she requested several sweets at her party. Luckily, Karen Pintado, from the Showering Love Board, surprised Grace with a tasty Candy Bar. We also decided to get Grace a layer-cake decorated in SEASHELLS and it read, “Celebrating Grace.” Everyone enjoyed the layers upon layers of love. Rowdy Gifford, also from the Showering Love Board, brought her some of his award winning blueberry bars and peach cake. It was sweet and Grace was so happy!

Grace Provides Dignity and Hope

Grace thought it would be fun to have a photo booth, and as you can SEA, everyone loved getting dressed up and taking pictures in front of the backdrop. We then voted for best picture, and the Oscar went to… Grace!

Carla Zamudio-Dolan, one of the Showering Love co-founders, did an amazing job creating a short film on how Grace came to be and her adventures during her first year. It is clear to SEA that Grace has enchanted every life that SEA has served this past year.

Birthday Celebration

Jeanne then led a touching and vibrant candle ceremony to depict how from one flame, many candles can be lit. SEA explained how one candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Showering Love, providing mobile showers, is a light of hope to those in darkness struggling to find the light of hope again. As the song “Keep the Candle Burning” played in the background, all the guests shared the light, illuminating their candle from their neighbor’s candle. Soon, the whole room was illuminated. Jeanne then asked that everyone make a wish for someone who is in a dark place. Then, everyone blew out their candles and sent their wish to that person.


SHELL We Dance

Guests danced to Kool & The Gang’s “SHELL-e-bration,” and Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t SEA Lovely.” All of her guests danced gracefully throughout the night.

Shall we dance

Showering Love was born of God and the community is her heartbeat. This party was to celebrate Grace, but also to thank all the volunteers and donors that have made it all possible. Grace is the most beautiful bus in the world. Why? Because of YOU!

Grace Mobile Shower Bus

With your continued support, Grace SHELL continue providing mobile showers to those most in need. Grace SHELL always help those less fortunate.

Continuing Support

Toward the end of Grace’s party, each guest was invited to take a heart gem with them to remind them that as part of the Showering Love community, they are Grace’s heartbeat. Grace, amazing Grace.

Waves of Grace

The Gift of Grace

We hope all that attended and all who are part of the Showering Love community were touched by Grace as we celebrated her first year of providing mobile showers.

Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
Providing Mobile Showers To Those Most In Need
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