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Executive Sleep Out to Benefit People Experiencing Homelessness

In January 2018, there were 1011 people experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade County and 914 individuals in Broward County.  The fact that so many veterans, women and children suffer from homelessness in our country is devastating to witness.

For this reason, Showering Love works to remind people experiencing homelessness that they matter. We provide wrap around services and resources. Showering Love restores hope and dignity. We begin with mobile showers, which opens doors to jobs, housing, financial security and self sufficiency.

People Experiencing Homelessness

Due to the stark facts above, on Saturday, August 11, 2018, from 6pm to 6am, Showering Love will host its second Sleep Out for the Homeless Event.

This is an opportunity to experience, for one night, how people experiencing homelessness live  every night. Last year, several volunteers slept on hard surfaces, got rained on and felt the uncertainty throughout the night. Due to this, many felt deeper compassion and empathy for those experiencing homelessness.

This year, the DM Cook Fund will match donations up to $5,000! Therefore, we need your help in raising funds by  participating and donating!

$5,000 Goal 80%
0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000

How to get involved to help people experiencing homelessness

  1. Sleep out with Showering Love and raise $250+ to be sponsored.
  2. Sponsor a volunteer that is sleeping out with a donation of your choice.
  3. Donate $250 to get your logo, name or cause on a banner. The banner will hang on the bus during the entire event and we will receive media coverage.

Mail or deliver checks, payable to “Showering Love”, to:

Showering Love, Inc.
4157 SW 54th Ave
Davie, FL 33314

Donate online by clicking blue the “Donate Now” button at

Please share this event with your coworkers, friends and family. Homelessness is a senseless epidemic and with your support we can help put a stop to it. This is your opportunity to make a difference.


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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.