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The Parklander features Showering Love


An article about Showering Love is in the March issue of the Parklander.  It’s a wonderful publication centered around happenings in and around Parkland, FL.  The article is written by Aaron Krause, and he did a great job, telling the folks in Parkland all about Showering Love and its mission.  Our intrepid plumber, Rowdy Gifford – wait, did I say plumber?  Oh, he’s much, much more than that!!  Today, he’s the Plumbing Inspector and Plans Examiner for the City of Parkland.  But he’s also a Vietnam Veteran who spent some time living on the streets himself!  And, bless his heart, he was the chief engineer on retrofitting our bus.  He, with help, transformed it from a Miami city bus into a mobile shower bus that we call Grace!

Jeanne’s story

“From the darkness and despair of homelessness, Jeanne Albaugh found hope, serenity, and success.  Now, the Broward County woman’s mission is to bus others to the same destination.”  This quote from Aaron Krause sums up Jeanne’s story so well!  She’s the founder and CEO of Showering Love and she works tirelessly to restore dignity, hope, and health to people who live on the street.  Yes, we do have a mobile shower bus that we call Grace, but there’s so much more! From Parkland to Hollywood, people in Broward County are being transformed!  And also, in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County!

Read the complete story below.


Last year, Jeanne had a “Day of  Love” on Valentine’s Day for 10 people.  They received showers, haircuts, pedicures, new clothes, good food – and Beverly McClellan sang for them!  Today, half of those people are no longer homeless!  Those are pretty good stats!

On Mother’s Day weekend this year we will hold our 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Transformational Tea Party for 20 women who live on the streets.  Women from the community will partner with them to help mentor for employability.  Showering Love will provide showers, new clothing and hairstyles designed for the professional workplace.  In addition, mentors will help them write resumes and instruct in interviewing tips.

And that’s just a couple of examples – Showering Love has an event for each holiday.  We know that people who are unhoused might be lonely and depressed during those times – whether they are in Parkland or on a park bench!  We want to lift up their spirits – and we do!!

An Invitation

We want to invite Aaron Krause, who did such an amazing job in the Parklander, and anyone else in the Tri-County area who is reading this, to come out with us.  We offer volunteer opportunities that will transform your way of looking at those folks who are standing on street corners.  And it’s fun!!

Only your support allows us to provide hope and dignity
to people experiencing homelessness










Jennifer is our Blog and Facebook post writer. Since she wrote many term papers and research papers for college classes, when she saw a need at Showering Love, she was eager to fill it. Even though her profession is massage therapy, her avocation and passion is writing for Showering Love!

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