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It’s Nice to Be Nice – the Kotlicky Family

It’s Nice to Be Nice – the Kotlicky Family

When Lori Kotlicky would visit her grandparents, her grandfather would always ask “What’s nice today?”. Volunteering for Showering Love is what’s nice today! Lori, her husband, Jake, and their children had a wonderful time helping out at the “It’s Nice to Be Nice Day”.

It's Nice to Be NiceIt’s Nice to See Smiles

Lori had this to say about Showering Love: “What a special morning helping Showering Love during ‘It’s nice to be nice’ day and providing showers for the homeless. Such an eye-opening experience for everyone involved! The smiles these people had on their faces after taking showers were priceless! Don’t ever take anything for granted, don’t ever judge. You just never know what someone is experiencing.”

It’s Nice to Help

And then there’s this from her husband, Jake: “I love cleaning this shower! It’s the most bizarre thing! At home, I grocery shop, cook, play with my children and do whatever else is needed from this suburban dad. But rarely do I clean bathrooms. And yet here I am, practically running to pick up dirty towels, clean and sanitize sinks and toilets, wipe down shower walls and mop floors. I’m doing it all with a smile on my face and nearly in tears at how grateful I am for the job I refuse to give up this morning.

Be Nice TodayIt’s nice to appreciate

So many of us take the basics of life for granted. A bed to sleep in and hot food are things we’ve come to expect. When we read an article, watch television or see someone on the street asking for money, we are reminded that there are those less fortunate and of our human obligation to help provide for those less fortunate. But, when most of us think about helping others, usually our considerations are limited to money, food, water, and clothing. How many of us don’t even have a fleeting thought about a clean private bathroom, running water, a hot shower and a shave?

Showering Love does so much more than give people experiencing homelessness a fresh shirt, shower and toiletries. Individuals enter the converted city bus timid and apprehensive but leave with smiles on their faces and heads held high. And while Jeanne and herband of angels need financial support to continue their mission, the priceless gifts they bestow of dignity and humanity have taught my family and me things that I pray will keep us changed forever.

I could go on and on talking about how a few short hours have altered me to the core, but I can’t. Another smiling guest is heading out and I have to get a new set of gloves on!”

It's nice to be nice todayChildren like to be nice, too!

And finally, as you can see from the pictures, the children got into the spirit of the day also. They helped hand out water, chips, lollipops and blessing bags. It was a great day to be nice!!

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