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Mother’s Day Tea Party

Showering Love and Adrianna Foster, Motivational Singer and Breakthrough Hypnotherapist, are hosting a Mother’s Day Tea Party!

Mothers Day Mother's Day

When you were growing up, how many times, did your mother remind you to be kind, generous and reach out to those that need your help? Well, as always mom was right!

This Mother’s Day create a memorable gift to honor that love your mother has given you by empowering women who are less fortunate and be an expression of love. Every mother deserves to feel special!

Mother’s Day can be a particularly challenging time, often women feel discounted, forgotten and alone, Showering Love will be providing showers in hope of reducing the feelings of isolation & loneliness faced by women living on the streets. We will shower Love on women who may have lost custody of their children or maybe they weren’t able to have a child or lost a child.

Happy Mother's Day

Jeanne Lewis Albaugh, Founder and President of Showering Love knows from her own experience that Mother’s Day was one of the most difficult days. For her, Mother’s Day was an extremely tough day. She missed her son’s. She wanted to call them to hear their voices, but she just couldn’t muster up the strength nor courage. Jeanne also missed her mom and the shame and the guilt of ‘if her mom saw her homeless living on the streets’, laid heavy on her heart. Then when her mom passed away and memories of happier times haunted her, the shame of it all was unbearable. The pain was too great. Jeanne just wanted to curl up in a corner and die. Mother’s Day was a rough day.

This Mother’s Day give a memorable gift to honor your Mother’s love. On Saturday, May 12th, Showering Love and Adrianna Foster will be hosting a Mother’s Day Tea Party for women experiencing homelessness. These women will receive showers, new clothes, gifts and goodies. They will then attend a very special Tea Party complete with empowerment activities, life coaching, tea sandwiches, mad hats, music, cupcakes, hot tea, muffins and most importantly, love. The goal is to remind them that they matter, and they are loved every day, especially on Mother’s Day.

For women experiencing homelessness, Mother’s Day can be a particularly challenging time. These women often feel discounted, forgotten and alone on this day. Showering Love is committed to reducing the feelings of isolation and loneliness faced by women living on the street by showering them with love. These women may have lost custody of their children, are no longer in their children’s life.

Make Today Amazing

Our Mother’s Day Tea Party will host women experiencing homelessness and ladies from the community. Ladies will be randomly paired to participate in this experiential workshop and Tea Party. We will connect with each other and work on self-acceptance, forgiveness and creating sisterhood.

Mother’s Day can be an especially tough day for these special women. On top of experiencing homelessness, unfortunately some of the women may have not seen or heard from their children and/or mothers in years. We want to remind them that regardless of their circumstance, they are still loved, and they still matter. The day starts off with refreshing showers. Then they are whisked to the parlor for the Mother’s Day Tea Party. Where we’ll share a spot of Tea and Tea-licious sandwiches.

It’s going to be tea-riffic!

Saturday, May 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Parlor in First United Methodist Church, SE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

You can honor your mom by making a donation NOW. Your donation will provide a shower to those struggling and help restore dignity. Dignity is in short supply when your living on the streets.

Your support will allow us to put emphasis on mothers who are in need of a little extra love. Please consider sponsoring one of these women by making a donation of $20-$100 today. Click Here to Donate

You are their Hope!

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