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MedPro – We Do Well While Doing Good

Founded in 1983, MedPro is a Joint Commission-certified, leading provider of contract staffing services, including travel nursing and allied health to facilities throughout the U.S. Our wide array of clients includes acute and long-term post-acute hospitals, government facilities, and medical laboratories.

MedPro delivers customized solutions and a wide range of staffing services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our combined pool of domestic, foreign-educated, and affiliate vendor professionals allows us to fill both short and long-term staffing needs and offer a complete workforce solution.

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At MedPro, we do well while doing good. One of our Core Values is to “provide care and compassion for the lives we touch,” and we achieve this through our philanthropic committee, MedPro Gives. As a nursing and allied agency, we support our employees, provider partners, and the communities we serve.

Each month, MedPro Gives Committee Members select a charitable organization to partner with. For the month of April, MedPro Gives Committee Member Jennifer Rogenski suggested we fundraise for Showering Love. She was aware of Showering Love’s mission from a previous employer and thought it was something MedPro would support.

Each Friday during the month of April 2021, MedPro Gives hosted Cocktails for Charity. Each cocktail purchased was $5, and all proceeds benefitted Showering Love. At the conclusion of the month, MedPro Gives raised over $1,000 for Showering Love.

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MedPro’s Associate Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy, Stacey Edwards, said, “This has been a challenging year. Many people have found themselves unemployed for the first time in their lives and struggling for basic necessities. When Jennifer introduced us to Showering Love, we knew right away that it was an organization we wanted to support. Providing care and compassion for the lives we touch is one of MedPro’s Core Values and something we live and breathe every day. Knowing our small contribution to Showering Love can make a difference for those struggling in our local community is meaningful to both our entire team and me.”

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Disclaimer: The United States Bill Of Rights, Article One, grants to each and every American citizen the Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press.“Showering Love” exists for one single purpose: to help the homeless return to productive and happy lives. We neither endorse nor oppose any causes and we are not allied with any sect, denomination, organization, or institution.

"Showering Love" supports the right of each individual to hold, and to speak freely of, his or her opinions. The personal comments or opinions of anyone associated with “Showering Love” on subjects other than the work of our organization should not be confused with, or construed to reflect, the position of this organization.

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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.