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Lighthouse Self Storage in Cooper City Supports Showering Love

Lighthouse Storage of Cooper City has given Showering Love an incredible and generous Christmas gift this year. We are forever grateful to them and their team!!! It is always refreshing to see such generosity and kindness from businesses in our community. But, this was a true “Christmas Miracle” for us. We are beyond thrilled and extremely grateful to have their generous support.

We would like to genuinely thank them for reaching out to us and choosing to take part in supporting our mission! Their kind donation will help us do such great things for those in need, especially during the holiday season. It also enables us to provide basic necessities and resources to those that are struggling and need it most.

A True Gift from Lighthouse Self Storage

Through their generosity and compassionate gift, we are able to continue working on providing the following life-changing services for those experiencing homelessness:

Mobile Showers | Clean Undergarments & Socks | Hygiene Travel Kits | Wellness Checks | Hot Meals & Nonperishable Foods | Health Care Advocacy | Social Programs | Community Engagement | Emotional Support | All Supportive Resources & Services Needed

Showering Love has been fortunate enough to experience the generosity and support of Lighthouse Self Storage of Cooper City, first-hand, and we are thankful & ecstatic about it!

Our mission is to physically, emotionally, and spiritually impact and transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness. And, thanks to the outreach of companies like Lighthouse Storage, and their compassion, it truly makes an amazing impact and difference. We are humbled they are taking part in making all of these things possible.

Lighthouse Self Storage in Cooper City goes above and beyond

We are so proud and honored to have the collaboration of Lighthouse Storage. Especially, because they are extremely customer-focused, and their goal is to make each and every customer happy. This warms our hearts! They are all about connecting and respecting their clients, and we seem to have parallel ways of working together. As a company, they are truly dedicated to their communities, such as we are. They have six locations, three in Florida, and three in California. Aside from their Cooper City location, they also have locations in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Their adage is to “put customers before competition always.” These words speak volumes and encompass the type of business they are. AMAZING! They consistently support and play an active role in community events and are always involved in many different causes and charities. They are proactively in their search for ways to serve their community and do what’s best for the people around them. It speaks volumes as to how incredible they are and how much they want to make a positive difference, in any way they can.

Showering Love
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Lighthouse Storage Rocks!!!!

Aside from many other causes, they are also very proud supporters of the Broward County Humane Society. Again, always giving back to the community, especially during the holiday season.
It is also important to note that in addition to being a generous and very giving company, they are at the top of their game! They have all five-star reviews on Google and pride themselves with 100% dedication and unconditional commitment to their customers. A rare and appreciated norm these days, no?
Hence, why they are always offering the most cost-effective and efficient storage units. And, constantly running deeply discounted specials to benefit their clients and the community. During such unprecedented times of need and uncertainty, it’s very refreshing to see businesses such as this really embracing the community. And, not only by giving but also by providing fair and very reasonable opportunities for their clients and people needing their services.
Especially, in this ever-changing climate, we are living in, where people are downsizing and living in smaller spaces. We continue to evolve and many seem to be minimizing on all levels. Fortunately, Lighthouse Storage is able to provide solutions for those needing a space to store their valued belongings, without breaking the bank. And, so much more!
Showering Love is honored and forever thankful to Lighthouse Storage in Cooper City!
Happy Holidays & Happy Everything to Everyone – Please Stay Strong & Stay Safe!  xoxo



I’m a mom to 2 beautiful boys, and truly blessed! I have an awesome husband of almost 20 years. I love life and live for loving people, unconditionally. All people - no exceptions - 100% true love. I genuinely care and want to make a difference each and every day. Create smiles and spread kindness.

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