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Hearts of Hope Day

On October 13th we partnered with Homeless Hearts Outreach and Harbour View House. Also, Care Plus was there to help with insurance needs.  We were all there to bring aid and comfort to people experiencing homelessness.  Because part of our mission is to provide many services to this community, we were grateful for the partners.  It was truly a day filled with hope!

Hearts of Hope

Homeless Hearts Food International, LLC is a faith based outreach whose mission is to restore hope.  They do this by providing food relief, housing assistance and mentoring.  And it’s all done with a great deal of compassion.

Showering Love and Homeless Hearts bring HopeWe wanted to partner with them because we also want to restore hope and dignity by providing mobile showers.  Also, we both have hearts in our logos!  Many of their volunteers came with so much non-perishable food!  It was amazing!

Heart Warming

Harbour View House came with prepared meals for all to enjoy.  Their mission is to bring the healthiest food and the highest quality clothing to the homeless folks in Broward County.  Dr. Arthur Carl Kanev and his volunteers want to eradicate homelessness through training, feeding, and educating.

Since we have common goals of restoring hope and dignity to those in need, we were happy to partner with them!  Harbour View House partners with Sanctuary Church whose motto is Love Wins!!  We were all winners that day!

Heart to Heart

Also on hand to offer hope for the future, was Erika Torres with Care Plus.  Care Plus offers many different health plans that provide preventive care.  This is a much needed service for our community!

Erika was all smiles as she helped our guests navigate the various plans.  Thank you, Erika!

Connected Hearts

Showering Love provides mobile showers with wrap-around services. Because of this we are able to open doors to jobs, financial security, housing and self-sufficiency. Thanks to Homeless Hearts and Harbour View House, more than one hundred people were able to eat their fill and take as much non-perishables as they wanted.  The smiles and great energy warmed our hearts as we all connected.  Our first time volunteers were so inspired!  Now they are even more interested in going the extra mile to help those in need!  In the end, it’s our hearts that drive our missions – and the driving force is love and hope.


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