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Make the Homeless Smile Miami Day – Sponsored by AT&T

On the way to “Make the Homeless Smile Miami Day”, the whole Showering Love team was so excited! It was the first time we were going to provide showers in the Miami area! We were invited by AT&T through Cristal Cole to join Valencia Gunder to Make the Homeless Smile – we were all smiles!

Homeless Smile in MiamiARRIVAL

We arrived early and we weren’t sure where to park. Oh, but the awaiting guests knew! They directed us, all smiling ear to ear! They were so happy and excited that they were going to get a refreshing shower!

Grace – Make the Homeless Smile

Grace is a gift, a blessing, unmerited, unearned, and free. We named the bus GRACE – she showers the guests with grace – for fun and for free! She showers the guests with hope and dignity. When the guests exit the bus, after a shower, they are all smiles!

Showered by Grace

Shared Smiles

There were many volunteers from the local area. AT&T also had lots of volunteers who lined the streets in their blue shirts. AT&T sponsors Valencia with her “Make The Homeless Smile” non-profit organization each month. She and her dedicated crew of helpers provide food and many other resources for the homeless in Miami. We are honored and privileged to be invited to join her in helping to restore hope and dignity to those who are experiencing homelessness in the Miami area. All volunteers showed up in a big way with big smiles!

More Smiles


Sponsored by AT&T

And Finally…

We see the guests smiling and laughing, whether they are receiving clothes, food, shoes, hygiene products – or getting a haircut! The transformation from before to after the showers is amazing! Everyone is interacting, engaging in conversation, confidence restored – huge smiles all around!!

And even more smiles

Valencia Gunder, of Make the Homeless Smile and Cristal Cole of AT&T are two amazing women – they are impacting the community – one smile at a time! Thank you again for inviting Showering Love to join you!

Smiles are contagious

Get your free smile today and share your smile with the world – smiles are contagious!


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