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Health Fair Promotes Wellness and Job Readiness

Let the Health Fair Begin!!

Our Health, Wellness, and Job Readiness Fair got a great start with some help from the #We Are Foundation.  One of their founders, Brandon Victor Dixon (one of the stars of Hamilton) was on hand to promote voter registration.  We are very grateful for their participation – plus, we got to hear some music from that very famous voice!!

Health Fair

A Beautiful Day for a Health Fair!!

We started setting up to the morning sun at 8 am. The air was cool and the morning was brisk.  One by one, organizations showed up and set up. As the tents went up, the event started taking on its own personality. Each organization decorated their tent.  Sakaris Medical Massage had a beautiful floral linen cloth draped over a table with rich lotions, awaiting the guests for their neck and shoulder massages. You could see the guest sitting back and enjoying the massage, the stress of yesterday leaving her body.
Health Fair

Health Fair and Wellness

The guests then headed over to Dr. Binyamin Sussman, with Mint Chiropractic.  He adjusted their necks and backs, aligning spirits as well as bodies!! Then, they received fresh squeezed juice made with green apples and kale made by Secret Chefs. Yummy!

Memorial Hospital gave out information on health and hygiene.  We are so grateful for their MAT (Medical Assistance Treatment) Program for helping people with opioid addiction.

Independent Medical Group tested many for HIV and Hep C. We are creating a healthier community!
Showering Love – showers powered by love – provided numerous showers. You could see the transformation on each guest’s face after they received a shower with fresh undergarments.   Each guest also got a new pair of Bombas socks. They left with a little more pep in their step!!

And Beauty!!

OGGI SALON gave magnificent hair styles. One lady had hair that was all the way down her back! She asked them to donate it to Locks of Love, and she finished up with the cutest short hairstyle! Special thanks to Danny Janes and Tommy Maness for all the work they did in the Change Rover to change people’s self esteem!!


And Shelter, Too??!!

Homeless Task Force was also on hand. They were able to get 25 people registered for shelters. Hooray!


Many of the guests stopped by the 2020 census tent.  The Census people hired two of our guests!!
United Church of Christ, who feeds every Thursday, served 141 meals. What a grEAT day!


Creative stations were set up. Guests could express themselves with paint, crayon or music. There was so much talent!

Health Fair

The guests had to participate in at least three health resources. Then they could choose from a ton of gifts.The Soapy Chef’s table was adorned with beautiful scented handmade soap, lotions and chap sticks. You could smell the lavender in the air as you passed by.The Serving with Grace station was decorated in vibrant white. Guests got to choose new shirts, undergarments, socks and hygiene items. The purest of Love!The day was filled with hope, laughter, and commUNITY. The guests took steps toward becoming self sufficient. Showering Love is about a hand up, not a hand out. One of our mottoes is:  “We come as friends, to make a friend, to leave with new friends.” Whether you’re serving or being served, lives are changed with the Showering love experience!Showered by Grace….. Next time, volunteer and Step into Grace!


Jennifer is our Blog and Facebook post writer. Since she wrote many term papers and research papers for college classes, when she saw a need at Showering Love, she was eager to fill it. Even though her profession is massage therapy, her avocation and passion is writing for Showering Love!

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