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Hands On Broward is Looking for Volunteers

Hands On Broward is looking for volunteers! Do you know a student that needs community service hours? Do you have some extra time on your hands and want to give back? Or, maybe your church or synagogue is looking for a positive outreach opportunity. Well… it’s your luck day! We have the perfect opportunity for a rewarding experience at Showering Love. Volunteering your time is the gift that keeps on giving. You can make new friends, learn new things, and connect with the community. It can even be a great and rewarding thing to do as a family! It can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others.

About Hands On Broward

Hands On Broward enables you to volunteer for many different organizations facing various needs. No matter what cause you are looking to support, and be part of, they offer and facilitate the opportunity for everyone to get involved, give back, and make a difference. Part of their mission is to empower and encourage people to make a positive impact and help those that are less fortunate. They work with thousands of volunteers each year to do carry out good deeds and work on projects that strengthen and bring about great benefits to our community. They are always offering different opportunities to those who want to make a difference, all-year-round, and people of all ages.

Volunteering Benefits Us All

Not only does volunteering help make this world a better place, but it also has a profound effect on those that donate their time and efforts. Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that volunteering has many benefits, both physically and emotionally. Here are just a few advantages of volunteering:

  •  Gives a sense of purpose
  • Teaches valuable skills
  • Brings joy and happiness
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Has many social benefits
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • And, so many more!

How we “ROLL” at Showering Love

Showering love provides approximately 125 showers a week to those experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, donations are always coming in and we are constantly in need of extra helping hands. We meet every first Saturday of the month, between 9:00am – 12:00pm. Thankfully, we have many kind and caring people that come together to help us organize donations. There are several high school and college students, organized groups, and people of all ages that take part, and we hope you will consider joining us. We promise you’ll leave with your heart full of love knowing that you’ve helped those experiencing homelessness, that are in great need.
Every month we have different projects and things to do. This keeps it exciting, as there are always new and different things on the horizon! We can assure you, it is always a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some of the things we do:

  •  Fold, organize, and ROLL t-shirts and undergarments
  • Organize hygiene and other essential items
  • Fill bags and/or baskets of donated items
  • Work as a team with a wonderful group & have a blast!

Our Hands On Broward Superstars

We are so incredibly thankful for Stacy Kanas of “Hands On Broward.” She is the team lead for Showering Love, and seamlessly coordinates and oversees our monthly projects. She is a key part of our monthly events, and her dedication and commitment help make every event a success.

Showering Love is also grateful for all the volunteers and our remarkable community. They never cease to amaze, and always collaborate with us and make great things happen. We are forever indebted to you all. We couldn’t do what we do without your continued compassion, empathy, and generosity.

YOU are the reason we are able to do what we do. YOU make it possible for us to help restore hope and dignity for those experiencing homelessness. YOU can really make a difference. And for all of this, we genuinely THANK YOU!



I’m a mom to 2 beautiful boys, and truly blessed! I have an awesome husband of almost 20 years. I love life and live for loving people, unconditionally. All people - no exceptions - 100% true love. I genuinely care and want to make a difference each and every day. Create smiles and spread kindness.

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Disclaimer: The United States Bill Of Rights, Article One, grants to each and every American citizen the Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press.“Showering Love” exists for one single purpose: to help the homeless return to productive and happy lives. We neither endorse nor oppose any causes and we are not allied with any sect, denomination, organization, or institution.

"Showering Love" supports the right of each individual to hold, and to speak freely of, his or her opinions. The personal comments or opinions of anyone associated with “Showering Love” on subjects other than the work of our organization should not be confused with, or construed to reflect, the position of this organization.

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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.