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Ex-Offender Volunteers with Showering Love

Showering Love and the Broward Sheriff’s Office recently partnered to provide rejuvenating showers to ex-offenders. Some ex-offenders experiencing homelessness are required to report to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office asked Showering Love to offer showers as a way of promoting better health.  The showers instill in these individuals self-worth and helps them with hygiene so that they are more employable.

Volunteer with Showering Love

As with all of Showering Love’s operations, we invite people from all walks of life to volunteer with helping on the bus as well as to assist with data collection and to offer resources to our guests. Recently, we had a volunteer, Robert, who wanted to offer his time to Showering Love. Robert has quite a unique relationship with the legal system, and more recently with the Sheriff’s Office. Robert served over 10 years in prison for 13 felony convictions. Upon release from prison, Robert, who is also a Veteran, found himself homeless. Robert was required to report to the BSO Re-entry center while he transitioned back into a normal life. For many ex-offenders who are homeless, the BSO Re-entry center is the only stable thing they have going for them until they find housing and employment.

After so many years in jail, Robert understood the importance a shower can make when living on the streets. Robert said, “I am grateful to be giving back to the community.”  He added that this was the same community that he took from many years ago.  He also said, “performing a public service, as man who has his freedom back, is so rewarding.”

Volunteers are an integral part of Showering Love’s operation. It was such a pleasure having Robert volunteer and for him to experience the joy of giving back to the community.

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