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Dwayne Johnson – A “Rock” to the Community

Dwayne Johnson… Also known to many of us as “THE ROCK.” A huge Hollywood star, 7-time wrestling champ for the WWE, a complete fitness buff with a million-dollar smile, and a really great guy with a big heart! He can be a ruthless villain, and on the next channel, a caring single-dad giving a piggy-back ride.

He does a lot for his community and foundation. Showering Love is so thrilled, excited, and beyond grateful that he donated to us. WOW! Through his “Acts of Kindness Campaign,” and partnering with Voss water’s “Drops of Kindness” initiative, they generously donated cases of Voss water bottles for our guests.

His kindness makes him even more powerful than flexing those chiseled biceps!

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Inspires Kindness

Showering Love works very hard to help those experiencing homeless. But, without the help and generosity, such as this from “the Rock”, we would not be able to help the multitude of people we are able to reach. These kind donations enable us to provide showers, toiletries, clean clothing, haircuts, basic medical care and vaccines, and so much more. We feel truly blessed that “Acts of Kindness” like these continue allowing us to do so much good for those that are truly struggling and living a crisis, each day of their lives.

Although our work is to provide all of these “things” for our guests, they are also in great need of our support and emotional TLC. A simple conversation or giggle gives them hope and makes them smile, and goes such a long way. Isn’t it ironic that the many things we take for granted and seem so small and unimportant, can mean so much to another person? Maybe even everything. We are truly inspired and encouraged by what Dwayne Johnson has done for us and continues to do for so many.

Showering Love will continue our mission and dedication to those experiencing homelessness until every single person has a home. It’s a tough battle, but we are fully prepared and committed to continue our hard work, and only ask that you kindly help us in our efforts.

“It’s all about the U” for Dwayne Johnson

In 1991 he was part of the college team that led the Miami Hurricanes to win a national title and championship. Wearing a #94 jersey on the field would turn out to be a subtle foreshadowing of his many wins and victories to come. Even at the young age of 15, Dwayne Johnson would hear a quote that would influence, and stay with him forever, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” It looks like he has done a great job of being both!

His foundation, The Rock Johnson Foundation, continues its work and efforts to help create hope and possibilities for adults and children, globally. By, consistently providing programs designed to empower and enrich the self-esteem of children with medical disabilities, illnesses, and disorders.

Additionally, their goal is to provide physical fitness programs, nutritional education, and activities to improve their health. And, to also promote self-confidence by encouraging healthy lifestyles, through proper nutrition and physical activity.

Opening Our Eyes & Seeing Them

They all have a story. They all have extreme and very different circumstances that led them to be homeless. Let’s open our eyes and see them for who they are.

Instead of being judgmental, let’s be empathetic. Instead of being accusatory, we should be more concerned. And, instead of overlooking the on-going crisis of homelessness, let’s all become informed and involved.

A quick challenge for all of us, especially during this holiday season…Before you get stuck at the next traffic light, and become annoyed at the person holding a sign or asking for help, please consider these published statistics of the top 3 causes of homelessness:

1. Lack of Affordable Housing
2. Unemployment
3. Mental Illness

Life has taught me that things are not always as they seem. Perception is not always reality. Acts of kindness, big or small, can be so important and have such an amazing impact on someone who is vulnerable and feeling hopeless.

Sadly, most of the people they come in contact with are lacking empathy and can be cruel and insensitive. Words hurt. Actions hurt. They cut deep. The stigma of living on the streets can be brutal and make life a living hell. Just because they don’t have a home, doesn’t mean they don’t have a heart. Even if you are unable to give from your wallet, giving of yourself, and with your heart, is FREE. In the great words of Dwayne Johnson himself…

“That’s it.
It’s that simple.
Be kind to people.
It costs nothing.”

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Be kind,  Be the change,  Be the difference. Do it!  Think it!  Be it!



I’m a mom to 2 beautiful boys, and truly blessed! I have an awesome husband of almost 20 years. I love life and live for loving people, unconditionally. All people - no exceptions - 100% true love. I genuinely care and want to make a difference each and every day. Create smiles and spread kindness.

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