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COVID-19 is affecting all of us… especially the homeless

COVID-19 please, please …STOP! As of this very moment, the US marks a new record-high of COVID-19 cases.  This past infamous Friday, the 13th, the New York Times reports there were approximately 10. 6 million+ cases of the virus. Additionally, there were 1,172 deaths & 67,096 hospitalizations in just a 24-hour span.  The past few days have averaged 134,078 cases reported per day. It is almost a 75% increase over the previous week. Not good. With spiking numbers like these, it’s apparent this vicious virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sadly, COVID-19 is and will be the reason behind many sad and tragic circumstances, like illness and death. Another harsh impact of this dreadful virus is the spike in numbers it is causing in those experiencing homelessness. Especially, since they are one of the groups at greater risk, which this virus disproportionately threatens. It is also a sad reality that this global virus may drastically raise the numbers of those living on the streets due to financial hardship and the negative effects brought on by this terrible virus.

Help us help the homeless

COVID-19 is biased

This pandemic is responsible for causing an economic and health crisis in the US and all across the world. Statistically, those that are suffering homelessness have a much higher chance of contracting COVID-19. For various reasons, ranging from limited resources to pre-existing health conditions. And, from poor hygiene practices due to limited access to mental health limitations. As if it isn’t enough that they are already susceptible to many other risks from living on the streets, and at the mercy of all the negative elements that surround them. Coronavirus only adds another problematic layer of fear and concern. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to quarantine in our homes, but they do not have a home. How can they self-distance under their circumstances? Where can they go when a state curfew is mandated because of the virus?

This virus is biased and that’s a simple truth! It affects our homeless at greater rates, yet they have less of a chance of protecting themselves against it.

 A Helping Hand

Although there are numerous agencies across our country working to help the homeless, they were interrupted. Their life-saving work has been halted for weeks and even months due to COVID restrictions. They are still unable to offer and/or provide services and resources, with 100% flexibility. Additionally, they are also limited in their cross-functional collaboration with other agencies. This further-creates a gap in the additional needs brought on by the virus. These are unprecedented and challenging times for all of us. And, even though we continue trying to do our best we can with our “new norm,” it seems that we should be doing better to help our homeless population. Homeless services continue struggling to receive enough resources to meet the high demand, but it doesn’t appear to be enough. It is not only frustrating, but it brings about a certain helplessness to all involved. Yet another reason why it is so imperative that we all come together to help. Especially under such difficult times, let’s take part in helping the homeless community that greatly needs us!

Here is how you can help  help us

Homelessness spikes with COVID-19

With the way things are going, it seems like we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. I am usually an optimist, but reality seems to be setting in these days. Let’s not even “go there” and consider how the numbers of those experiencing homelessness may increase once the eviction ban expires at the end of this year. Many Americans will be facing ending unemployment checks, job losses, and an inability to pay their rent. Some will even be forced to leave their homes and their entire lives behind. Some of these families will be out on the street, with no place to go. Homeless.

As days pass, we are feeling the effects and magnitude of this virus more and more. And, for some, it will change everything. Unfortunately, not in a good way.  No job, no income, and no place to live. It’s too early to even guess how many people this will impact or what the ultimate effects will be, but, one thing is for certain…this virus continues to spread great grief and disparity, everywhere.

Grace is good

Showering Love is grateful to have companies coming out to provide COVID-19 testing to our guests. Fortunately, to date, all of the tests have come back negative. It is helpful that or guests are outside and mostly isolated from the community. However, we make it a top priority to keep everyone safe, and strictly follow guidelines, and take every precautionary measure. We do this by taking each guest’s temperature before they enter the next station. They also receive their own personal face mask and hand sanitizer. A team member escorts each guest, individually, to thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial soap. Their entire experience, from beginning to end, is safe for them and for or team. We take everyone’s health and wellness very seriously and will continue taking the appropriate steps in keeping everyone safe, healthy, and protected <3

Please help us take the lead in changing COVID-19s course of negativity, and in turn, focus on spreading kindness and generosity by helping those that are homeless and in great need <3



I’m a mom to 2 beautiful boys, and truly blessed! I have an awesome husband of almost 20 years. I love life and live for loving people, unconditionally. All people - no exceptions - 100% true love. I genuinely care and want to make a difference each and every day. Create smiles and spread kindness.

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