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I Choose Volunteering – Jennifer’s Story

Why choose volunteering?

I’ve known about Showering Love for several years.  I met Jeanne Albaugh when Showering Love was still a vision in her mind’s eye.  I never really saw myself in her organization until recently.  It just wasn’t clear to me how I could choose volunteering.  Some friends and I had been at Grace’s inaugural event back in August of 2017, and what I saw there had such an impact – on me, on the guests, and on everyone in attendance!!  It was such a hot day!  When the volunteers had everyone all lined up, and the mayor was there to cut the ribbon – it was quite a sight!!

The one that got to me, though was the guy in the wheelchair.  Previously, he had shared that he hadn’t had a proper shower in a very long time.  While there are places where street people bathe, none could accommodate a wheelchair!  Never before had I thought of this!!  And I took a good look around and wondered, “Why did these people choose volunteering?”  Well, I had my answer pretty quick – it was the look on that guy’s face when he came down that lift after his shower!!

Clean at last!


He was so happy!!  Then he got a haircut!  What a great day for him!  I saw how Showering Love made a difference for him – and for all the other guests who were showered by Grace that day!

My Choice

Recently, my life took a slight detour, due to an extensive emergency surgery on my spine.  As a result, I am not able to work as much as I did previously.  Well, Jeanne Albaugh knows an opportunity when she spots one and her timing was just right for me!  She asked me to come on board as her blog and Facebook writer.  I knew right then that it was my time to choose volunteering for Showering Love to fill up my spare time.  The next time Grace went out, I got to participate in a new way – I got to interview the guests!  What an eye-opener!  I met people who had simply lost their jobs and that one event led to sleeping on the street!  My preconceived notions about these folks vanished!  It was great!

Jennifer chooses volunteering

I got to hand out bus passes – and they went like hotcakes!!  Since then, I find myself with very little spare time, I’m always either writing or thinking of something to write – and I’m loving every minute of it!

How Volunteering Impacts My Life

Here’s how – it’s changing many of my ideas about the world.  I’ve met people who need a hand up and I’m also meeting people who are extending that hand.  I’m writing thank you’s to companies that have heart and soul like I never imagined!  The list is long and I am amazed at their generosity. But I’m almost out of words for this post, so I will close by saying that my faith in humanity has been restored and I’m thrilled to be part of the Showering Love team.

Jennifer joins Showering Love

Only your support allows us to provide hope and dignity to
people experiencing homelessness



Jennifer is our Blog and Facebook post writer. Since she wrote many term papers and research papers for college classes, when she saw a need at Showering Love, she was eager to fill it. Even though her profession is massage therapy, her avocation and passion is writing for Showering Love!

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