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Beverly McClellan – A Great Friend to Showering Love

Her Heart

Her voice was magnificent and so was her heart. Beverly McClellan was a great friend to Showering Love. The first time we had the honor of meeting Beverly was on October 23, 2016, when she brought the house down! She was in the Final Four on the first season of The Voice and she agreed to sing for us! Jennifer Sakaris shared Showering Love’s mission with Beverly and asked for her help. Without any hesitation, she agreed to sing at the Showering Love-a-Palooza Music Fest. She sang her heart out!

Showering Love Restoring DignityHer Voice

And that was just the beginning! She sang many other times to help raise money and awareness for people who are experiencing homelessness. On Sunday, June 4, 2017, Beverly again graced us with her soulful performance at Showering Love’s Restoring Hope Fundraiser. She had amazing vocals, but, more important, she was an amazing person. Beverly was a true artist and musician, but also, very down-to-earth. She was very humble for someone so talented. She had a generosity of spirit that was unmatched. Bev loved to help others – almost as much as she loved playing her music!

Beverly McClellan – An Angel

On February 13, 2018, Showering Love took 10 people who were experiencing homelessness for a day of pampering. So, we again called on Beverly. She surprised the guests, who were enjoying a candlelit dinner at Billy’s Tavern. Bev came out for them because she knew how to connect with people through her music. When she walked in, sat down, and started singing several of the guests cried. They couldn’t believe that she had come out just for them! When she finished singing, she took pictures with them and put smiles on all their faces. Beverly had the voice of a superstar and the heart of an angel.

Beverly McClellanThank You

Showering Love will be forever grateful to Beverly McClellan for sharing her voice and her heart with us. We had the honor and privilege of knowing and loving her. Today, we know that angels walk the earth because we got to walk beside her for awhile. Her philosophy? “If you’re human, you have rights and deserve dignity”.


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