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Grace’s Birthday Gala 2019


Grace's Birthday Gala, September 14, 2019 It was Grace's Birthday Gala!! What a night!  We walked into the banquet hall and saw the most beautiful room!  Volunteers had filled the room with deep red roses, donated by Allure Farms!  It…

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Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Hurricane Dorian is hurling toward Florida; it's a big storm and it's going to do a lot of damage.  It already has in the Bahamas - we, here in Broward County, are full of gratitude that it looks…

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State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant

State Farm

The Problem That the Neighborhood Assist Grant Could Help With We have applied for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant.  This is why!  Homelessness is a problem with many economic & social factors. Poverty, lack of affordable housing, uncertain physical…

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Mother’s Day Tea Party Preparations


The Mother's Day Tea Party Preparations Begin! We were getting ready for the Mother's Day Tea Party. We were planning, fundraising, asking for donations, collecting all the china and  decorations for the tables.  It was very exciting! Donors were bringing…

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Father’s Day 2019

Fathers Day 2019

"We've Got Your Back" - Father's Day 2019 On June 15th we celebrated Father's Day 2019 at the First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach with Signature Realtors as sponsors.  We want to thank John Goss and Dana Levy for all…

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Mother’s Day Tea Party Impact

Tea Party Impact on Guests We know about the Tea Party impact on our guests.  This is what Jeanne Albaugh, founder and CEO of Showering Love, said after the tea party, "I  received two calls from guests on Mother's Day…

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Mother’s Day Tea Party


Mother's Day Tea Party 2019 It was a Mother's Day Tea Party to end all tea parties!! We had 20 guests from the homeless community (mentees) and 20 women from the community at large (mentors).  They all met at the…

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The Parklander features Showering Love


Parkland An article about Showering Love is in the March issue of the Parklander.  It's a wonderful publication centered around happenings in and around Parkland, FL.  The article is written by Aaron Krause, and he did a great job, telling…

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Community is the key to changing lives
Showering Love is run entirely by volunteers and survives solely through the generosity of individual benefactors.and with the support of the community.