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Ariana – A Showering Love Success Story

Ariana’s Valentine’s Day

We, at Showering Love, got to meet Ariana Jacobs while she was living in front of the Broward County Library.  She was so young to be living on the streets!  But she had her little dog to keep her company and to give her the unconditional love she needed.  Ariana was in a dark place in her life at the time and had to be very tough and strong-willed just to survive.  So, on February 13, 2018, we decided to shower lots of love on 10 lucky recipients who were experiencing homelessness.  They got showers, new clothes, breakfast, pedicures, new hairstyles, lunch and dinner!  At the dinner, Beverly McClellan sang for them.  Ariana had this to say to us on that day:

Ariana - A Success Story

Thank You, Showering Love

“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you guys did for us. I’m so grateful to have people like you looking out for us. I know that it must have taken a lot of time and coordination to put something like that together. You helped me get closer to some of the people out here. That day helped me build even more confidence in myself. Thank you for all you guys are doing. Building hope and showering us in love ❤️ From one of the 10 guests.”


During that day, Jeanne Albaugh, CEO of Showering Love, made a real connection with Ariana.  They had some good one to one time and Jeanne encouraged Ariana to go home to her family.

Showering Love tries to stay in contact with our guests and follow them on their journey.  You can imagine how happy we all were when we received this message from Ariana!

Valentines Day Makeover

Ariana is a Success

“I’m living in Colorado again. I’ve got a job at King Soopers down here. It’s like Publix. Things are going good. I got my own car now and I’m living with some family friends. I’m about to get my own place.

You could say I’ve moved back down to my home town, Loveland, where I found a place to live. From there I branched out and found this job that offers me amazing benefits! I have my license and I’ve had my car for about a month now. I’m currently looking for an apartment to move into whereas 3 months ago I was living homeless on the streets of Florida.

I reconnected with my family and they helped me out a lot. My dad is the reason that I have my car and I’m about to have a place to live. Everyone down in Florida helped me so much including you guys (Showering Love)

You encouraged me to go home and make this leap for myself. I’ll be enrolling in college also hopefully in the next year. I am grateful to spend the holidays and my birthday with my family. I have been blessed.”

Ariana Home

Words Are Powerful

You never know when what you say to someone might just click!  Showering Love is so proud of Ariana!  She took the necessary steps and actions to become self-sufficient.  We are honored to have helped her find her way home.  We hope this story touches the hearts of all who volunteer and donate to Showering Love.  Because of your support, Ariana changed her life for the better.  This is why we do what we do!



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